Live 2D Artist/
Character Designer

⋅ I only make the models on photoshop with seperated layers ready to rig.
⋅ Commercial usage: You own all intellectual property rights on your model, but you cannot resell them.
⋅ Finished comissions will be posted on my Twitter and Website.
⋅ Each comission takes 3-5 weeks
⋅ You will need to send me your moodboard (character reference and ideas including pictures). If you dont, you will be charged 100€ more.
⋅ I only accept payment throught paypal.
⋅ Payment must be made through paypal invoice. (you can pay 50% upfront and 50% upon completion, or upfront )
⋅ I strictly prohibit the alteration of the proportions of my model without permission. Alterations are to be made with my authorization and in a way to correctly represent my art and art style



Please DM me on twitter or send me an email if you agree with my terms and conditions.E-mail: [email protected]

⋅750€ Base Female Model ⋅900€ Base Male Model. (Price get's higher the more complex the model is)
⋅ If you want to add any expressions I do 3 for free more than that i charge 15€.
⋅ 250€ for a Pet.
⋅Extra complex outfits start is around 550€, depending on complexity can get higher.
⋅Simpler outfit like a bikini starts at 180€.